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Deliberate Responder "Practical Reality"

Intermediate - An in depth look at the application of the Universal Rules of Firearms Safety applied to defensive encounters. This course should be considered an "advanced application of basic skills!"

Duration: 4 hours



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Mount Sterling, MO
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Every good firearms training class starts with a solid safety and medical briefing (if they don't, you should run away) but very often the "Universal Rules of Firearms Safety" are briefed, practiced and trained as if they are range specific rules that don't apply to the real world.  Thanks to the great work by other training industry leaders like Daryl Bolke, David Cagle, Eric Gelhaus, John Holschen and many more, we are proud to help bring the level of understanding of how the Universal Rules of Firearms Safety apply in the real world and specifically defensive encounters.  
In reality we can't expect to "practice safe firearms handling" in a deadly force incident if we have not "practiced" safe firearms handling skills as they relate to a deadly force encounter, specifically Rule #2 and Rule #4.  
This course is suited to entry level students prepared to begin training beyond a simple concealed carry certification all they way up to and including experienced students looking for "advanced" on demand performance level applications in the defensive environment. 

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Topics Covered

This is an in depth look at and the practical application of the 4 Universal Rules of Firearm Safey, most specifically:

Self Defense, Deadly Force Encounters don't occur on the sterile range environment, they occur in places full of people, and in settings where violating the rules of safe firearms handling can result in a wide range of criminal and or civil liability.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students should expect to be challenged!  Rule 2 and Rule 4 training concepts are sadly relatively new in the training world and very often overlooked, glassed over or simply ignored in a majority of training settings.  This is an interactive class in a dynamic setting (not physically challenging) and suited to each students unique lifestyle, the one thing we all have in common is we live, work and otherwise interact with the world around us.  Those of us who carry a firearm, are considering carrying a firearm or have a firearm for home defense have, in all liklihood not practiced in a controlled setting the real world applications that are "safe gunhandling" skills.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, Church / Business - Safety / Security, Concealed Carry Training, Constitutional / Permitless Carry, In Home Defense Training, Legal Aspects for Use of Force / Avoidance

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Students will need a safe functional firearm, holster (no Serpa or clone) that retains its shape when the pistol is removed (no cloth, nylon, suede or unreinforced leather), concealed or duty type, a spare magazine (two is better) or speed loader (two should be considered the minimum) and approx 200 rds of functional ammunition.  
We train rain or shine, suitable seasonal clothing is required.  No open toe shoes, we recommend collared shirts and strongly advise against open neck (tank top or low cut/v-neck shirts).  A brimmed hat is a good idea, baseball style or sun visor type works well.  
Sunscreen and Bugspray