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Pistol Basics

Basic - The course to take to shoot better.

Duration: 6-8 hours, mixed classroom and outdoors.



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This class offers training and tips on proper pistol shooting fundementals. 

In this course we will cover;

Basic firearm safety.

Holster selection, location and retention.

Manipulating a pistol from the holster to engage threats.

Manipulating a pistol during movement.

Proper grip and posture for shooting a pistol accurately and quickly.

Dry fire training.

We will shoot several drills.

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of this course students will know;

How to effectively draw from the holster.

How to perform a speed and tactical reload.

Methods for improving speef and accuracy with a pistol.

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You will need:

Eye protection

Hearing protection (preferably electronic)

A hat or visor

Semi Automatic Pistol (can be provided at additional cost)

2 magazines.

150-200 rounds of ammunition

Secure and safe holster that covers trigger guard of which any retention mechanism is NOT worked through use of the trigger finger. (No SERPA style holsters)

Snack for lunch.

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