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3rd Annual WOMEN ONLY NC Concealed Carry

A Limited opportunity for Women Only

Duration: 8 hours classroom, 30 minutes range time



RJ Anderson

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This is a Women ONLY North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun event.

We WILL be practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING AND ASK THAT YOU BRING A MASK! If you do not have one KN95 Masks will be available for purchase ($8) 

This is the state required 8 hours and focuses on N.C law, nomenclature and the fundamentals of marksmanship. 

This event is ideal for a novice shooter. If you don't have a handgun you may use one of ours (just pay $10 for the pistol/ammo you will use to qualify). If you have one and have never fired it before BRING IT when you schedule your range time! It's time to break it in.

We will work with YOU on a time you can come to the range and shoot the qualification portion (30 rounds). If you cannot shoot the following day 6/27 then let us know when you can and let's get it done. You will have ONE WEEK to schedule your range qualification. 


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Topics Covered

NORTH CAROLINA Common and Statutory law, revolver/semi-auto pistol nomenclature and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

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Expectations and Outcomes

You will have the knowledge required to pass the N.C. CCH classroom test and basic skill level ability to qualify at the pistol range by shooting 30 rounds. You will shoot 10 rounds at 3,5 and 7 yards and earn your NC CCH certificate of completion.

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CCW, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

You will need a North Carolina DL/valid ID to apply with your county Sheriff. We require it to complete your training certificate which you must submit with your N.C. CCH Application. 

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Eye and Ear Protection
closed toe shoes/boots
long sleeved shirt (which also offers chest protection)