NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

Basic - Massachusetts LTC course

Duration: 4 hours



Dale Brown

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The Home Firearm Safety Course covers the basics of safe gun handling and a great place for a person thinking about owning a gun to start. This course is taught by a certified Massachusetts firearms instructor and will give you all the information, knowledge and skills to apply for a LTC in the State of Massachusetts. 

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Topics Covered

Firearms safety rules
Firearms types and function 
Firearms nomenclature

Loading and unloading 
Ammunition nomenclature
Firearms maintenance 
M.G.L. for storage and transportation of firearms

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to handle a firearm safety applying the basic firearms safety rules. The students will be able the identity the basic firearms types and nomenclature. Students will be able to load and unload revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns. Students will be able to identify the proper ammunition to be used in the specific firearm. And, students will have a basic understanding of firearms maintenance. 

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses

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No firearms or ammunition required for this course. Dress accordingly, we have a short range session at the end of the course. Students must be able to load and shoot 5 rounds safely. We do have a shelter and heater on the range for inclement weather days.