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1 Hour Virtual Shooting Range Simulator

Basic - Our Virtual Shooting Range Simulator is great for improving marksmanship and shooting skills building muscle memory and trigger discipline.

Duration: 1 Hour



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Our Simulator Shooting Range uses real weapons outfitted with infrared lasers,
operate with Green Gas, Glock 19, and Sig Sauer P320 (M18), coming soon AR15,
they shoot to a high-definition video screen, with our top-of-the-line camera to track and record the shot placement, offering unparalleled accuracy.
Be prepared! Train for any situation life can throw your way with our Virtual Shooting Simulator.
Do you ever have to command someone to drop their weapon verbally? The odds are not too many of us.

Have you ever had to pull your gun in self-defense?

For anyone looking for a defensive, real-life shoot or no shoot type scenario to incorporate into their training regimen, deciding when seconds count, if the situation they are in calls for them to draw their firearm, or use other means to deter their attacker.

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Topics Covered

The “Shoot / Don’t Shoot” training is invaluable for any CCW permit holders!
Practice makes perfect, and we provide the ideal way to practice with,
no ammo, guns, noise, eyes and ear protection, and a natural, Safe Environment.
Take your skills to the next level in our new Indoor Smokeless Shooting Simulator Range. It's an excellent way to improve your marksmanship and shooting skills, muscle memory, and trigger discipline, and it Is endorsed by the NRA and USCCA and Made in the USA.
It is by far the best training tool for using force, concealed carry, personal protection, and police qualification.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Our Simulator Range is great for improving marksmanship and shooting skills building muscle memory and trigger discipline.

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Documentation Requirements

The possibilities are endless! Our simulator offers practice in life-like situations with real targets, noise (distraction), foul language, and intimidating opponents.

Practice using force and test your situational awareness skills to determine whether it is a shoot or no-shoot scenario and act accordingly.
The planning needed to make the right decision and to comprehend the laws can make the difference between the right and wrong use of force or committing a crime without knowing.

Paper Targets Don't Scare People and Rarely Attack.
Just hitting the paper target does not suffice when preparing for emergencies.
In emergencies, you are often forced to choose between fight or flight.
By visualizing while you're training, you can get into a combative situation to save your life.

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Defensively training with your firearm is nearly 

impossible unless you're visualizing.

Practice with multiple live scenarios to picture yourself in a high-pressure or emergency encounter and draw it all out in your head. 

You can use it with your pistol or any of our recoil guns, 

or our Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (S.I.R.T.) Training Laser Pistols.