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Students of Weaponscraft (S.O.W.)

Basic - This class gives you the unique oppurtunity to crosstrain on over 30 weapons platforms

Duration: 8 hours range time



Ryan Coe

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Many people are capable and familiar with running their own personal weapons yet lack little knowledge on how to use a variety of weapons they might pick up or encounter. This class was originally designed for special operations and government contractors yet is now being offered to civilians. Being able to pick up just about any weapon, field strip it, load it, work the weapon, and shoot it accurately at 25, 50, or 100 yards will be a better shooter, a more well-rounded shooter, and a more prepared shooter. ADG will also explain each weapon, the history, the caliber, the applications, considerations, and more for each weapon. ADG is here to offer this class for the reasons said above, or because you just want to shoot some cool and different guns. ALL ammunition and weapons and gear will be provided. Students just need to bring themselves and personal weapons if they wish.

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Topics Covered

Various Optics
Various Weapons
Battlefield Pickups
Over 35 weapons platforms

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student can determine what weapons, optics, setups, etc they like on top of crosstraining on a variety of platforms

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Long Range Precision, Rifle, Seminars / Lectures, Shotgun, Specialty Other

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Outdoor Clothes