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Long Distance 102

Designed for shooters to understand more about distance shooting to make 1st round hits out to 800 yards

Duration: 8 hours range time

Fee: $200.00

Type(s): Advanced, Long Range Precision, Rifle

Instructor: Apex Defense Group LLC - Ryan Coe View Bio

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This class will consist of shooters going out to 800 yards to get repeatable, calculated hits. Taking the material learned in 101, we will apply them to shooting at distance as well as working in barricades and more.

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Precision Rifle
250 rounds of ammo minumum
Any type of precision shooting supplies you have
Ear Protection
Eye Protection

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Topics Covered

Shooting out to 800 yards
Doping the rifle out to 800 yards
Shooting fundamentals
Improvised postions
Using cover/concealment/barricades

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Expectations and Outcomes

To be able to better shoot and engage at 800 yards

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.