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Firearms Training 100% Beginner Friendly - $160

Basic - This course will teach you the fundamentals of how to use your firearm.

Duration: 3-hour classroom 1 hr range time

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This course is recommended to all individuals who are new to the concealed or ware and carry life style.  This course is also recommended to New Armed SPO or Armed Security Officers.

The goal of this basic pistol course is to provide a practical introduction to handgun through the explanation of handgun nomenclature, operation, and fundamental shooting skills. You will cover all the shooting fundamentals hand-on with a certified instructor at the gun range.

If you are brand new to shooting, or just getting back into the game, it is recommended that you participate in our Firearms Training Basic Class. Firearms Training Basic Class 3 hours of hands on instruction from Chief  John Ayala an USCCA and NRA certified instructor.

Range Time
If you would like to utilize your personal firearm, please ensure your firearm is unloaded prior to the lesson and that your ammunition is the correct type to use.

Eye/ear protection are provided with the lesson if you do not have your own. Firearm rentals and ammunition are available but are not included in the price and will be an additional fee. 

**Please note that if you are 15 minutes late, your lesson will be canceled.**

Penn Station Shopping Center
Training Location 
5758 Silver Hill RD
District Height, MD 20747

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Topics Covered

  • Isosceles position
  • weapon safety,
  • Sight Alignment, Sight Picture (Aiming)
  • Cause of Firearm Accidents
  • Weapon Safety rules
  • Ammunition Components
  • How to overcome Cartridge Malfunctions
  • Clearing a Semi-Auto Malfunctions
  • How to Make a Proper Grip/Safe finger trigger Position
  • Holster Safety
  • loading magazines

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