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Maryland Armed Security Training - $300,

Permits for Correctional Personnel, and Security Guards

Duration: 40 hours Classroom, 2 hours range

Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now June 1 Saturday
2 Day Class
District Heights, MD
5 - 10 Students Weekend Class 9:30am to 4:30pm and 15th & 16th John Ayala Space Available
Register Now June 3 Monday
4 Day Class
District Heights, MD
5 - 20 Students 9am to 4pm TBD Space Available
Register Now June 17 Monday
5 Day Class
District Heights, MD
5 - 10 Students 9:30am to 4:30pm John Ayala Space Available target icon


Archangel Training Academy is State Certified in Maryland to train and instruct individuals seeking handgun permits or professionals looking to become armed security guards. We work with you in getting the training and certifications you need for your career or personal protection, and we make the application process as simple as possible. Our instructors are highly qualified, and we have served thousands in the DMV area with expert level training.

We offer training, certification, not sponsorship for armed Security Guards in Maryland. All students must find a license Maryland security agency to sponsor them for their guard card.

Note: After completing Course all students will receive a schedule for range certification. The range date will be on a weekday.  If you cannot come to the range on a weekday please do not take this course. We do not go to the range on weekends. If you miss your range date, we will change you an additional $50. for a new range date.

After you receive your range certification it is your responsibility to hold on to it. If you need a replacement copy the fee is $100.

Your range certification is good for one year.  If you do not file, it within the year of your date you will have to take the course over and pay the full class fee.


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Topics Covered

• Use of Force, Use of Force Continuum,
• Handling of services weapons,
• weapon safety,
• when Officers may discharge their firearm and when discharging a firearm is prohibited.
• Cause of Firearm Accidents
• Weapon Safety rules
• Ammunition Components
• How to overcome Cartridge Malfunctions
• Clearing a Semi-Auto Malfunctions
• How to Make a Proper Grip
• Holster Safety

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Expectations and Outcomes

After completing our training course Archangel will sponsor the students. This will allow the students to receive their commission (SO license).  Must training academies DO NOT sponsor.  This means after completing their training program you will NOT be a license officer.  You will have to go find sponsorship in order to receive your commission.

Archangel does not guarantee employment with any of our permits or courses.

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Security Training & Certification

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Documentation Requirements

Wear and Carry
  • Security Guards and Private Detectives (Requires sponsorship from an approved agency,

If you are licensed through us and have not let your permits expire yet, you are elligible for renewal. Once your permits expire, you must apply for an original permit.

Maryland State laws require 16 hours of training from our certified instructors for all students seeking original Wear and Carry permits. For new/original permits, the first day will be all classroom and the second day will be at the range. Classroom days are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Range days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Renewals require only the 8 hours of range training, meaning you will only need to show up for a Wednesday or Saturday appointment. The handgun permit course includes 2 days of class, rangetime, rental weapon and ammunition, package assistance, and photos. MSP Fees and fingerprinting are NOT included. For more information on eligibility and what to bring with you before class, visit our FAQ page

Security Guard Certification

In order to work as a Security Guard in Maryland, a certificate known as the Security Clearance Card (commonly referred to as a Guard Card) is required. Guard Clearance Certification is offered simultaneously with our Wear and Carry permit classes, but can be completed on its own if desired. If you have been a licensed Maryland Security Guard in the past, your Guard Clearance Card must be renewed. Our Security Guard Certification course DO NOT includes Handcuff, OC, and Baton certifications can be combined with a wear and carry permit for an additional cost.

Maryland Wear & Carry

Have to use Internet Explore

Click link below.

Click Create a Account

Complete the registration form.

Type in the date Upper left
Type in the PCN/TCN live scan number
Print it off

Handgun Permit initial $75
Renewal $50
Private Detective initial $15
Renewal $10
Security officer initial $15
Renewal $10

No chrome
No Apple products
No Hand written format will be accepted.

My HQL # QHIC-2020-0104

Wear and Carry:  Below is the information that you should provide to the LiveScan technician for fingerprinting:
Agency Authorization Number: 9400082484

Agency ORI Number: MDMSP6000

Reason Fingerprinted: MD Public Safety Article, Section 5-305

For fingerprints and passport photo contact one of the agencies below:

PreventFirst (Notory available)
3710 Rivera Street
Temple Hills MD
Mon - Fri 10am to 4:30pm
Sunday 12pm to 3pm
Maryland Small Arms
Contact Nick

Range Certification
Students who do not complated their range certification within 90 days of classroom training must pay and retake the  classroom training again before being reschedule for range certification.

Refund Policy
*TERMS AND CONDITIONS - All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to another date unless notice of cancellation is 7 days or more of the scheduled course. Payments are able to be transferred to another individual, however the cancellation policy will still apply and it's upon the purchaser to notify Archangel Training Academy in advance of the change.

Archangel Training Academy reserves the right to reschedule any course date due to the minimum amount of scheduled customers not being met, all deposits will be held for a future course date to be determined by Archangel Training Academy.

Range Schedule Policy:

  • Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee will be equal to 100 percent of the range fee $40. 
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your range time, we may not be able to accommodate you. In this case, the same cancellation fee will apply. We will do our very best to reschedule your range time for another time that is convenient to you.
  • In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your cancellation fee may be applied to future reange fee.
  • Students who do not pass the range certification must pay $100 to retake the Range certication. 

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  • What is covered in the price of every course?
    • State Certified Instructor time both in classroom and at the range
    • Complete walkthrough of the application process including package assembly when necessary
  • What is NOT covered in the price of any course?
    • Fees paid to Maryland State Police in the form of check or Money Order are required by the applicant and not included in the course price. See Below for a list of these fees.
    • Several permit applications are required by Maryland State Police to include live fingerprint scans. The cost of obtaining fingerprints is not included in our course price and is not offered by Archangel Training Academy. Ask your instructor in person or over the phone for recommendations nearest you.
    • All necessary rental weapons, ammunition, and eyes/ears protection for the range
    • Photograph Printing for all required permits
  • How long do the permits last before they need to be renewed?
    • Wear and Carry - 2 years
    • Security Guard Clearance Card - 2 years
    • HQL - 10 years
  • What do I need to bring with me before class?

On your first day,  Bring payment in the form of cash. 

Bring your Driver's License or other ID, 

  • What do I need to bring with me before the range?

Bring your Driver's License or other ID, wear closed-toe shoes and clothing that does not leave any skin exposed (bullet casings can be very hot and land anywhere). 

  • What are the full eligibility requirements of a Wear and Carry permit?

Please consult the Maryland State Police website for the full requirements.

  • What are the full eligibility requirements of a Security Guard Clearance Card?

Please consult the Maryland State Police website for the full requirements.

  • What are the full eligibility requirements of the HQL?

Please consult the Maryland State Police website for the full requirements.

  • What should I expect for the OC, Handcuff, and Baton class? Will I be sprayed?

We spray our students for the OC Spray certification course, in order to be familiarised with the scent. Baton use will be demonstrated and practiced on dummy targets only, but you will be handcuffed briefly during the Handcuff course.

  • What are the restrictions for when I can or can not carry with a permit?
Security Guards and Private Investigators - Only while actively engaged on the job.
Business Owners - No extra restrictions, wear and carry 24/7.
Wear and Carry of a firearm is prohibited in the State of Maryland in the following locations:
  1. On school property (CR 4-102)
  2. Within 1,000 feet of a demonstration in a public place (CR 4-208)
  3. In legislative buildings (SG 2-1702)
  4. Aboard aircraft (TR 5-1008)
  5. In lodging establishments where the innkeeper reasonably believes individuals possess property that may be dangerous to other individuals, such as firearms or explosives (BR 15-203)
  6. On dredge boats, other than two 10 gauge shotguns (NR 4-1013)
  7. In or around State-owned public buildings and grounds (COMAR
  8. On Chesapeake Forest Lands (COMAR
  9. In State Forests (COMAR
  10. In State Parks (COMAR
  11. In State Highway Rest Areas, unless properly secured within vehicle (COMAR
  12. In lodging establishments where the innkeeper reasonably believes individuals possess property that may be dangerous to other individuals, such as firearms or explosives (BR 15-203)
  13. In community adult rehabilitation centers (COMAR
  14. In child care centers, except for small centers located in residences (COMAR 13A.16.10.04)
  • How long will it take to recieve my permits?

Once your paperwork is submitted, your waiting time is entirely dependent on the Licensing Division of Maryland State police. There is nothing Archangel can do to speed up the process or inquire about how much longer your wait will be. Typical waiting times can range from 4 to 6 weeks in our experience, and the official time frame advised by MSP is up to 90 days after your Interview.

  • What are the additional fees to Maryland State Police?

Check or Money Order payments made out to Maryland State Police are required in your application for the following amounts per permit:

  • Wear and Carry permit - Original/Initial $75.00 fee, renewals and subsequents $50.00 fee
  • Security Guard Certification - Original $15.00 fee, renewal $10.00 fee
  • Private Investigator - Original $15.00 fee, renewal $10.00 fee
  • HQL - No money order required, online payment available. $50.00 for Original, $20.00 for Renewal
  • How do I get a Fingerprint scan?

Fingerprint Scans must be obtained separately from any local third-party fingerprinting company you choose. We recommend 1A Fingerprinting in Halethorpe MD for those nearby. Ask your instructor during class for recommendations in other areas.

  • Will I be guaranteed employment?

Archangel does not guarantee employment with any of our permits or courses. Our sponsorship is intended to be temporary, as many employers desire their students to have their permits ahead of time despite the fact that a sponsoring employer is required for the application itself. When we receive notification of available contracts, the information is dispersed out to all students equally with the expectation that you will be putting in your own effort to reach out and make contact with prospective employers.

  • Do I need to be a United States Citizen?

No, but you must bring with you documentation that proves you are here legally such as your naturalization papers, passport, work visa, or green card in order to fill out your permit applications.