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Concealed Carry Handgun (NC)

Intermediate - * Required for NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit

Duration: 8 hours classroom, 1-2 hours range time



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Available Spaces
Register Now October 24 Saturday
Vanceboro, NC
5 - 16 Students 8am - 6pm Kevin Toler 16 Spaces Left target icon


First Responders (and immediate family), Teachers, Medical Professionals, Churches, Business and Groups:  E-mail instructor BEFORE Registration for Discount Code or to inquire about private classes.

At 8 a.m., class will begin at the VFW with a brief introduction, Safety Rules and locations of restrooms, smoking areas, etc. Following that, NC General Statutes require eight (8) hours of classroom instruction, including at least two (2) hours of NC Laws Governing Concealed Carry and Use of Force. Students are given a state-issued lesson plan, supplemented with PowerPoint presentations, student exercises, class discussion, and a multiple-choice test.  There are short breaks each hour as well as a working lunch break.  You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to class and lunch is provided (typically a sandwich platter from Subway), or you may choose to bring your own.  In the afternoon we will take a short drive to the range, review Safety Rules, and then shoot a Qualification Course with live ammunition.  

***Handgun/ Ammunition Requirement***
1.  You must bring your own semiauto handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition OR
2.  Students may elect to share a handgun, provided each student has 50 rounds of ammunition and no more than 2 students use the same handgun OR
3.  You must purchase the additional "Handgun Rental" for $10.00 and "CCH/ Ammo" for  $15.00.

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Topics Covered

Course will cover all required content as mandated by the NC Dept of Justice and NC General Statutes.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a numbered certificate issued by the NC Dept of Justice.  This certificate is then turned in with the student's application at the Sheriff's office in their county of residence when applying for a Concealed Carry Handgun permit.

A second certificate suitable for framing will also be issued by Archangel Protection upon successful completion of the course.

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Intermediate, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring your North Carolina Driver's License or Identification Card.  You will be required to sign a Course Waiver Form and Range Waiver as well at the beginning of the class.

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Required Training Equipment for Concealed Carry Handgun Class


Acceptable calibers include:  .32 auto, .357 Sig, .380 auto, .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45 auto/ acp, 5.7mm, 9mm, and 10mm (No .22 or .25 – Any others please call first). 

Please Note:  Due to a succession of catastrophic failures and poor functionality/ proven unreliability, semiautomatic handguns from the following manufacturers are NOT allowed:

Hi-Point, Bersa, Davis Industries, Jimenez, Bryco, Jennings, Raven, Phoenix Arms, Kel-tec

* A belt or paddle-style holster for your handgun with a sturdy belt
* A minimum of fifty (50) rounds of ammunition per person for your firearm.       
*Baseball hat/ cap with a brim
*Appropriate clothing for the weather (we shoot rain or shine unless it is lightning!)
*Snacks, drinks, medication, etc.

If you have eye/ ear protection, please bring that as well; however, we have plenty if you can’t.