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High Threat Pistol Tactics


Duration: 2-day course



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America is changing. In less than a generation words like active shooter, IED, lone wolf terrorist, and vehicular ramming attacks have become common household terms. Oftentimes, when an attack strikes, the damage is done well before the police arrive.


During our High Threat Pistol Course for CCW's, you will learn to pair your technical skills with the gun (marksmanship) with the tactical principles necessary to prevail against a wide range of high threat situations (application).


This is a 2-day intermediate/advanced level course that will make you a more effective protector by raising your awareness and give you the skills and knowledge you need to enhance your defensive capabilities.

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Topics Covered

This course covers:

Part I:  Strategy & Concepts

· Elements and different types of ambushes

· Threat recognition and attack precursors

· Beyond OODA Loop and color codes: How to do awareness

· Case studies of CCW defensive shooting encounters

· Responding to near and far ambushes

· Dealing with single vs. multiple threats

Part II:  Training Methodology & Drills

· Individual movement techniques (open areas vs. urban)

· React to contact drills

· Vehicle combat: fighting in and around vehicles

· Engaging static and mobile threats

· Close quarters scenarios



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Advanced, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements

Discounts availble to members of the military, law enforcement, and first responder community.  Email proof of service to

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Gear Requirements:

- Semi-automatic handgun

- 3 pistol magazines

- OWB kydex or other suitable holster

- 450 rounds FMJ ammunition

- hydration

- lunch*

- eye protection

- hearing protection



Optional gear:

- knee pads

- sunscreen

- hat

- lawn chair