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Mass LTC Basic Firearms Safety Gun Permit Course

Basic - Massachusetts State Police Approved/Required Training Course

Duration: 4 hours classroom, 2 hours range time



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Salem, NH
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Locate near Methuen and Lawrence on the Massachusetts border in Salem NH, we are Massachusetts State Police Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructors, providing you an approved course to obtain your Massachusetts Gun Permit.

Your Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) Course is a comprehensive class of two safety courses completed together, providing you extensive hands-on practice with handguns. This lesson is conducted in a small class size format, limited to four students or less per instructor. Feel comfortable and receive hands-on instruction handling several types of pistols and revolvers. This class is geared towards new and beginner students.

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Topics Covered

Your course includes live-fire on the range with real handguns, with real ammunition.

USSCA Basic Handgun/Mass LTC Course includes:
USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Book
Firearms Related Safety Pamphlets
Massachusetts Basic Firearms Certificate
USCCA Basic Firearms Training Certificate
Use of Firearms and Ammunition
Use of Eye & Ear Protection

Lesson One
1. The universal safety rules.
2. Clearing handguns.
3. Understanding a handgun’s action.
4. Understanding revolvers.
5. Understanding semi-automatics.
6. Which handgun is right for you?
7. Handgun ammunition.
8. Malfunctions.
9. Other use of force options. (Taser/Pepper Spray)

Lesson Two
1. Defensive shooting versus marksmanship.
2. Muscle memory explained.
3. Proper grip.
4. A natural and neutral shooting platform.
5. Aligning the muzzle to the target.
6. Point / instinctive shooting.
7. Flash sight picture.
8. Precise sight alignment.
9. Trigger control.

Lesson Three
1. Holsters.
2. Tactical flashlights.
3. Laser sights.
4. Gun safes & storage.

Lesson Four
1. Creating a training program.
2. Dry firing.
3. Fundamental drills.
4. Next steps.

Lesson Five (Massachusetts)
1. Licensing
2. Address Change
3. Purchasing & Selling
4. Safety Locks
5. Transporting Firearms
6. Restraining Orders
7. Safe Gun Storage
8. Firearm Suicide Prevention

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Expectations and Outcomes

Gain the confidence you need to handle firearms safely and responsibly. Students completing the course receive both a Mass BFS LTC Certificate and a USCCA Basic Handgun Firearms Training Certificate. (Honored in several states)

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Basic, Intermediate, CCW, USCCA Courses

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