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USCCA Getting Started with AR-15's Fundamentals

Basic - An opportunity for you to about the AR-15 Rifle Platform

Duration: 3 hours classroom



Barry Mills

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Salem, NH
1 - 4 Students 1:00pm - 5:00pm Barry Mills Space Available target icon


Classroom only; instructor-led PowerPoint presentation highlighting the history and popularity of the AR-15; parts, features, and functions; overview of cleaning and maintenance; accessorizing the AR-15; and basics about using the AR-15 for home defense.

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Located in Salem NH on Rte 28, near the Massachusetts border, this class will introduce and teach you the basic fundamentals of the AR-15 platform.

In additional to basic firearms safety, you will learn about all about the AR-15, its history and popularity, about the AR-15, the loading, unloading and clearing, its maintenance and cleaning the Ar-15.

We will discuss accessorizing the AR-15, your support gear, AR-15 shooting basics, and zeroing an AR-15.

We will end the class discussing the AR-15 in and around the house for personal defense, transitioning to the range with an AR-15 and additional training available for you.

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Expectations and Outcomes

This course will prepare new and beginner AR-15 owners to safely use and maintain there AR-15 Rifle/Carbine

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Basic, Rifle, USCCA Courses

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