Jeff Cotto


Jeff Cotto

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Military, Former Military, Instructor

15 Years Instructing

PH: 321 693 7458

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Jeff Cotto served 8 years / 9 combat deployments with the US ARMY’s 1st Ranger Battalion in support of the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT). Between Iraq & Afghanistan, he served as a Gustav Gunner, SAW Gunner, Rifle Team Leader, Sniper Team Leader, Sniper Section Leader and a Rifle Squad Leader. Following his honorable service, he became the training manager for the Afghan Special Operations (Khaté Khas) training cycle for mission readiness. Jeff was then selected and assigned to preform the duties of a U.S. Government Close Protection Officer for the U.S. Clandestine Services.
During the GWOT, Jeff was responsible for leading a RANGER fire team into hundreds of Direct Action Raids in order to Kill or capture High Valued Targets. Jeff trained and mentored a team of RANGERS during rigorous Deployment Readiness Training cycles to get his team ready to deploy and eradicate known and unknown threats to the United Sates operations, policies and objectives.
As a Sniper Team Leader, Jeff’s duties consisted of training a sniper team in trade craft, long range precision marksmanship and surveillance/counter surveillance techniques. While deployed his team was responsible for coordination’s with adjacent friendly units in order to set up aerial & reconnaissance missions, IED prevention and over watch missions. Jeff has planned and executed numerous sniper reconnaissance/over watch missions in Iraq & Afghanistan in order to destroy and disrupt terrorist networks
His responsibilities as a Sniper Section Leader were the welfare, training, and development of sniper personnel with operational responsibilities ranging from, but not limited to: long range precision fire, target reconnaissance and intermediate- distance precision fire for ground forces during direct action raids. As a Section Leader, he attached himself to and deployed multiple Sniper Teams and equipment to Iraq and Afghanistan in the support of the RANGER Rifle Companies direct action raids.
Jeff finished his career as a RANGER Rifle Squad Leader where he trained and mentored fire teams individually and as a squad in small unit tactics in order to conduct direct action raids in support of the GWOT. His squad gathered intelligence through aerial drones and map reconnaissance to plan several successful time sensitive missions within an hour of launch time and organized the exploitation of sensitive materials, drugs and weapons during combat missions. Jeff was trained and mentored by the FBIs Hostage Rescue Team to conduct evidence/intelligence collection during joint combat operations in order to build criminal cases against high-valued individuals. He was exposed to the FBIs tactics and procedures on battlefield interrogation/interview and evidence collection.
As the training manager for the Khaté Khas, Jeff developed and executed a training program for hundreds of Khaté Khas soldiers in order to facilitate their mission readiness. Among his duties, Jeff coordinated & de-conflicted a marksmanship range schedule, allocated ammo for upcoming training events and ensured the physical fitness of the soldiers to the clients’ standard (JSOC). The training consisted of weapons marksmanship, CQB, land warfare (movement techniques), and combat medical procedures.
Jeff was then selected and assigned to preform the duties of a U.S. Government Close Protection Officer for the U.S. Clandestine Services. He was responsible for providing low and/or high profile individual protection to US Government personnel and designees at designated hostile environment locations around the world. Jeff provided strategic and tactical guidance, surveillance detection, route surveillance, and mission planning for high-risk protective operations.

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US Army Sniper School graduate 
75th Ranger Regiment Master Breacher

Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Tactical/Defensive Driving
Combat/Trauma Medicine
Battlefield Interrogation (BIT)
Primary Leadership Development Course
Ranger School 
Fast Rope Master 
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