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Nevada Concealed Carry

Intermediate - Meets standards set for NEVADA CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT (CCW) +30 state reciprocity.

Duration: 8 hours



Caidyn Edlund

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The Nevada CCW course is your 1st step to carrying concealed in Nevada and 30+ other states. The course consists of classroom instruction, a written test, and a shooting proficiency test.

Live fire qualification:

Using your preferred pistol and stance, shoot 30 rounds at a standard B-27 silhouette target. You must score 70% to pass. If you don’t pass, you may re-shoot until you do.

The course of fire is as follows:
Shoot 6 rounds with the target at 3 yards
Shoot 12 rounds with the target at 5 yards
Shoot 12 rounds with the target at 7 yards

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Topics Covered

Firearm Safety
Firearm selection
Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
Drawing from Concealment
Mindset, Responding to an Attack 
Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student will have satisfied the classroom and live fire qualifications necessary to apply for a concealed carry permit within the state of Nevada. 

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Valid government issued ID to verify 21+.