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2 Day Level 3 Stress Fire & ONES Course

Advanced - Level III Stress Fire and Operating Near Extreme Stress (ONES) Course

Duration: 2 Days 16 Hours Total



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This is a Level III Operating Near Extreme Stress Drills Live Fire Course that is intended to train students in the Warrior Mindset and then test those learned skills while dealing with extreme physical and mental stressors. The students will be put under close to realistic extreme stress conditions while requiring them to operate while exposed to those extreme conditions. Day 1 will be Classroom and Live Fire Range training. Day 2 will be Operating Near Extreme Stress Drills with Realistic Scenarios. Students will be evaluated and graded on their abilities to operate, make decisions, engage targets, and justify actions while under stress.

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Topics Covered

Day 1 (First Half) Classroom
Day 1 (Second Half) Live Fire Range
Day 2 (All Day) Stress Fire Course (Live Fire) and Operating Near Extreme Stress Drills Scenarios (Airsoft/Simulations)
Basic Review: Safe Rules for Proper Firearm Carry, Handling, and Target Engagement.
Positive Identification (PID) Threats and Targets
Shooting While Moving in Hazardous/Unknown Environments
Importance of Situational awareness, accuracy on target with elevated mental stressors, heart rate, and extreme fatigue

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Advanced, Concealed Carry Training, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

Photo Driver’s license
Battleline Tactical waiver

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* Be in Adequate Physical Condition/Health: Throughout the course students will need to handle all their gear/equipment, Squat/Kneel own bodyweight multiple times, Transition from Prone to Standing multiple times, and operate under extreme mental and physical stress.
* Plain Black Shirt No Logos or Images
* Change of Foot Gear
* Personal Pistol and Carbine
* AMMO – Pistol 300rds Carbine 300rds
* Eye and Ear Protection (Prescription glasses are fine)
* Water and Snacks are the responsibility of the student – Stay Hydrated!
* Applicable Clothing/Gear for Weather Conditions – We will train in the rain, cold, heat, etc.
Gloves, Knee, and Elbow Padding
Other “Tactical Gear” - NOT required but is optional for those that want to train in their personal or issued duty gear.