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Concealed Carry Next Steps

Intermediate - Continuing the Concealed Carry Fundamentals course moving into some more challenges

Duration: 4 hours range time including some lecture



John Burton

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This is the second piece of the Concealed Carry Fundamentals course.  We will explore more challenges when drawing a handgun from concealment.  We will introduce some decision making during the shooting exercises.  We will have some discussions around avoidance and the impact of ego on self defense.

Completion of the Fundamentals and Next Steps classes coupled with a written test will meet the requirements for an Ohio Concealed Handgun license application.

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Topics Covered

  • Drawing a handgun from concealment
  • Drawing from concealment in positions other than standing
  • Decision making
  • Marksmanship
  • When is reloading necassary
  • Avoidance VS Ego

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student can expect to develop more compitence in drawing a handgun from concealment.  They will experience some decision making while under stress.  The student will experience drawing a handgun from concealment while on the ground, seated in a chair, and some uncomfortable positions.

A certificate of completion indicating the number of hours trained and the overall topic covered will be provided at the end of the course.

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Required equipment

  • handgun suitable for defensive use
  • handgun capacity minimum 5 rounds (derringer or similar guns are not acceptable for this class)
  • a holster designed specifically for the handgun in use - it should be a holster intended to be used for concealed carry
  • a belt designed specfically to carry a holster and gun
  • total of 3 magazines, speed loaders, or speed strips for your gun 
  • 250 rounds of ammunition for your gun
  • drinks and snacks if the attendee will need them during the course
  • weather gear - the course will continue rain or shine
  • Some loaner equipment is available, please contact instructor prior to the class with questions
  • No Blackhawk serpa or similar designed holsters allowed.  If you have a question about this contact the instructor before signing up.
  • There will be no refunds provided if the gear does not meet the requirements.