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Defensive Pistol From Conceal Carry

Basic - Opportunity to work from conceal carry and get repetitions through training.

Duration: February 4th, 2023



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Students will spend the day working on repetitions ons from holster.  We will discuss different applications and methods to drawing from conceal.  Students wil have the ability to work movement and shooting while gaining a better understanding of the environment through situational awareness and practical drills that will test their thinking skills as well as their shooting capabilities.  Students will have opportunities to shoot from unorthodox shooting positions and or defensive positions.

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Topics Covered

1. Fundamental Firearms Operations
2. Muzzle Discipline Drills
3. High Ready/Low Ready Applications
4. Draws from retention or conceal
5. Clearing Garments
6. Stance and positioning
7. Target Assessment 
8. Target Transition
9. Unorthodox Shooting Position
10. Reloads/Malfunctions

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is a Basic to Intermediate Course. Students attending this course need to have a basic understanding of firearms and want to continue to advance on their weapon handling skills. This is a low stress course designed to take the shooter to the next level of their continued training.  With that being said, a proficiency and knowlege base of your weapon system and holster is crucial in being prepared for training. 

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Basic, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements

Documents Required:

1. Valid Driver's License/Gov Idea
2. Waiver signed onsite day of the event

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Gear List:

1. 500 rounds of ammo minimum
2. Eye Pro/Ear Pro
3. Holster (IWB preferred)
4. Mag Carrier or access to extra mags (NeoMag Clips are great for this)
5. Minimum of 3 magazines
6. Pants, Closed Toe Shoes, Clothing appropriate for the range
7. Lunch and hydration
8. Medical is always great to have on hand.

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