B&R YouFree + 20 Family/Friends MD HGP/HQL Class

Basic - A clear understanding on Maryland strict laws, and a basic understanding on wear and carry of a firearm.

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William Bradford

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Please Read!!! 

We will need you and everybody's NAME, EMAIL, PHONE#, & EMERGENCY CONTACT in your party after payment is completed. Please email us or call us at (667) 290-4293 

This is a class that meets the mandated 16hrs for Maryland Wear & Carry & HQL certifications (Permits) & Maryland State live scan fingerprinting. Available services for your passport photos are available at our admin desk. All payments are final. No exceptions, nor emergency situations will render you applicable for a refund. Speak with our lead administrator for rescheduling needs. Upon paying for your guaranteed seat, this will solidify your name in our class roster, and please arrive fifthteen minutes before your appointed class start time. Day 1 consists of the Conceal Curry & Home Defense fundamentals class curriculum, and day two consists of Live Fire range time. So please make preparations in advance for your convenience to be undivided to the course. Please do not assume you can pick your range day. If you run into an emergency, you will be allowed one time to join the next class on their range day. You will be charged $20 an hr if you exceed your one time reschedule, and any other cost that is elected upon your means.  Do not bring your firearms to class day. Firearms are only to be possessed upon range day. Thank you for understanding that we live in a blue state. ^_^

So, bring your humor cap, and open mindedness. Try to have fun learning about firearms and defensive knowledge. Hope to see you soon!!!

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Topics Covered

Basic Level Firearms training, and knowledge of home defense. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Once the course is completed. Students will have a clear understanding on firearm safety, and the proper way to conduct themselves accordingly when armed as a civilain. As too the proper paperwork that will access them into their Maryland State Police Portal in becoming a Permit holder for their HGP. 

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Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

!!!Need to do’s after signing up!!!

1) MAKE SURE YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD IS CLEAN!! Then find a Maryland Authorized finger printing live scan near you or email us and we can help find one closest to you. DO NOT GET YOUR HQL FINGERPRINTS DONE YOU ARE EXEMPT IF YOU ARE GETTING YOUR CCW!!! DOWN LOAD AN APP CALLED PASSPORT PHOTO - ID PHOTO APP. Its free to create a passport digital photo. Please be sure to help our personnel to help you by providing your map coordinates, such as town/county or side of town you are on. If received in time, please bring with you to class. MAKE SURE YOUR RECORD IS CLEAN!!! (Don’t be a last-minute student. It will take the MSP longer to process you)

2) Make sure you’ve paid in full before coming to class. You will not be able to take our class until you’ve done so…

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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FMJ - 50 Round Box (We will sell you a box if need be)

Brimmed Hat (Optional)

Closed Toe Shoes

Pen and Binder/Notepad

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