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CCW Training 12pm-2pm (required for NJ CCW)

Basic - For those looking to Acquire their NJ CCW or just Sharpen their skills as a daily CCW citizen

Duration: 2 Hours



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In this 2 hour session, we will go over concepts of CCW, efficient methods of carry, drawing, shooting, and manipulation of your firearm, lights, or other force multiplication tools. We will Culminate in the NJSP HQC1 (Handgun Qualification Course) which will satisfy your Firearms Familiarity as per N.J.A.C 13:54-2.4(b) once PASSED, and can be submitted with you CCW Application.

Course can be up to 4 people, +$50/extra person day of. If interested in a larger group, please email me!

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Topics Covered

-Situation Awareness
-Force Multiplication Tools
-Medical brief
-Efficient methods of Carry and Draw
-Culmiation in shooting HQC1 Qualification Course

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will leave confidently with the knowledge to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in this ever-dynamic world while remaining SAFE and LEGAL.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, Combatives / Less Lethal, Concealed Carry Training, Medical Other, Private Classes (Group / Individual)

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Documentation Requirements

if from NJ, please bring your Valid FID adn Pistol ypou legally own

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Firearm, extra magazin, and holster required.
Please bring 2-300 rounds for the training- Qualification is 60 rounds.

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