Intro to AR-15

Basic - Get informed when it comes to buying your first AR-15!

Duration: 3 hours, classroom only



Chris Wu

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The AR-15 type rifle is the most popular rifle in America. They are light, easy to handle, and infinitely customized to the individual user for every possible need. Before you buy, take this class with Carry Confident and learn all about them - what to look for, how to set one up, and most importantly, how to safely handle it!

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Topics Covered

-Safe operation of the AR-15
-History of the AR-15 and basic terminology
-Fundamentals of rifle shooting
-Types of AR-15 rifles and how to set them up
-Optics, slings, and other accessories
-How to buy, and what to look for

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will have a solid understanding of the AR-15 platform and will be able to safely load, unload, and clear an AR-15 rifle.  The student will have a higher level of confidence when it comes to selecting and buying their first AR-15.

A certificate of completion is provided, but will not be valid for a concealed carry permit.

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Basic, Rifle, Seminars / Lectures

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This is an introductory course, as such, you do not have to bring anything.  If you do already own an AR-15, you may bring it, but please keep it locked and secured in the car.  You will be able to bring it inside once the instructor gives permission.