Basic/ Intermediate Handgun

Basic - Develop important foundational skills

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Brian Deshi

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Course is built to introduce you to your firearm for those that are begginers and to refine foundational skills to increase accuracy and efficency. Know how to use your tool effectively! Open to everyone!
Low instructor to student ratio!

Contact if you would like to schedule a date not provided on site.

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Topics Covered

Gun Safety and muzzle awareness
Cadence shooting
Draws from holster
Moving and Shooting
Near and Far engagements

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Expectations and Outcomes

Learn to use your tool don't be a fool.

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Basic, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements


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Eye and ear protection (I can provide foamies) we are shooting steel as well so wrap around type eye pro is preffered. 

Holster that you are familiar with 

2 magazines

450 rounds can be provided at cost