Level One Scoped Precision Rifle Training

Duration: 2 days



Brian Deshi

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We will start the day at Pala Shooting Range and then move over to Valley Center. Day two will take place at Pala or Valley center depending of weather. Intro into long range theory. We will cover Ballistics in classroom setting. Fundamentals of the prone position and work drills to practice. Ap use, Muzzle velocity, intricacies of spotting, mounting scopes and getting the weapon ready to shoot, gear and equipment review, introduction into supported position shooting, wind considerations. Just come with you scoped rifle, bipod, and 200 rounds. Anything else is a bonus as I will have a bunch of stuff for you to use and try out before you go and buy a bunch of stuff.

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Topics Covered

Precision Rifle Level One

Gun Setup

Scope Mounting

Fundamentals of the Prone Position

Zero and Chrono

Basic Ballistic Ap Inputs and Data Cards

Internal Ballistics

External Ballistics Pt1

Being a good Spotter and Conducting Talk-ons

Wind Considerations

Horizontal Holds

Levels of Cleaning and Maintenance

Introduction to a supported position

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Expectations and Outcomes

Understanding of your equipment, what is required and how to construct a good shooting position. Ballistics and theory of what the projectile is doing. Use your ap and understand what is what. More...

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Long Range Precision

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Scoped Rifle with Bipod
200 Rounds of Ammunition (same lot)
Scope with measuring device in the reticle
Ballistics application
Shooting Pad
Sand Sock
This is all reccomended