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Law Enforcement: Personal Pistol Tactical Defense

Advanced - A program of training presenting an opportunity for enhancing the Defensive Shooting Skills of Law Enforcement Officers, with Off-Duty Concealed Carry in mind.

Duration: Eight (8) hours Range Time



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This Certificate course of training is developed and designed to enhance and maximize the Defensive Pistol performance potential for Precision and Accuracy for Law Enforcement Officers in the Tactical Environment, with emphasis on Off-Duty Concealed Carry. More importantly, the student will be exposed to Techniques, Principles and Tactics suitable for developing Situation Awareness, Target Identification, Skills Competence and Confidence utilizing the CSI-Alphabet Challenge, Low/No Light, and Pre-exhaust Stress Inoculation for Personal Safety and Defense.

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Topics Covered

  1. Safety & Safe Gun-Handling Procedures
  2. Precision & Tactical Shooting Drills
  3. Shoot! Don't Shoot! Drills
  4. Multiple Threat Transition Shooting Drills
  5. Advancing Threat Shooting Drills
  6. Low Light / No Light Shooting Drills
  7. Threat Recognition, Identification,and Assessment Drills
  8. Pre:Exhaust Moving & Shooting Drills
  9. Seated Shooting Drills
  10. Retention Shooting Drills

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this class the student will have an enhanced understanding and knowledge in the competencies; for performing and maximizing his/her Defensive Shooting Skills with increased confidence and competence Mentally and Tactically.

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Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Identification required for Off Duty persons.

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  1. On/Off Duty Handgun & Holster
  2. Three (3) Magazines
  3. Eye & Ear Protection
  4. Ball or Rimmed Headcover
  5. Tactical Flashlight (Tailcap Switch)
  6. Three Hundred Rounds of Pistol Ammunition
  7. Dress: Duty or Casual (Duty Uniform, Long Pants, Boots or Shoes required for Off-Duty)
  8. Hydration