Concealed Carry and Home Defense Combination

Intermediate - Two classes in one, our best deal for the money

Duration: 6-7 hours of classroom, 1-2 hours of range time



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This is the most comprehensive, in-depth, hands on concealed carry and home defense class taught anywhere in Central Florida. Guaranteed!

OUR CONCEALED CARRY COURSE and Home Defense Course includes:

* Developing a Personal Protection Plan
* Self-Defense Firearm Basics
* Home Defense Shotgun Fundamentals
* Understanding Gauge and Shot Size
* Shotgun Choices
* The AR-15 Platform
* The Legal Use of Force
* Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
* Phone Calls To Make
* Statement to the Police
* Gear and Gadgets
* Basic and Advanced Skills
Class Fee is just $100.00 and includes your USCCA Graduation Certificate, Florida Concealed Carry Application, Complete Fl Statutes 790 (firearms) and 776 (Use of Force). You also get to enjoy 5 to 7 hrs of awesomely informative class time before we head to the range for an hour or two. There you will be introduced to the public range environment and learn range etiquette prior to shooting. Range fees are included with class.
Class size minimum is four students. Remember these are private/semi-private classes in your own home with fellow students of your choosing. This is an unbelivable deal
Our class GREATLY EXCEEDS the State of Floridas training requirements for your concealed carry and firearm license.
Don't skimp on training that could save your life, your loved ones lives and familys future just to save a few dollars.
Florida License allowes you to carry in 37 states.
This is an objective based course. The exact length of the course will depend on how long it takes to cover all of the objectives required. A good ballpark range is 4-5 hours PLUS RANGE TIME. Please do not make any important plans following class. We wont be cutting any corners and the class could likely run all day. Most people are having such a great time they dont want to leave the range.

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