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Law Enforcement Low Light Instructor

Duration: 3 Evenings



Erick Gelhaus

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3 Day Class
6 - 14 Students 1pm-10pm Erick Gelhaus Space Available target icon


The Courts have mandated low-light training—more than Turning the Range Lights Off, Turning the Flashlight On, and Shooting. This three-evening class addresses human factors, case law, equipment selection and manipulation, practical application (beyond shooting), decision-making, and how to implement a low-light training program in your organization.
Evening 1 covers the academic side and the handgun with handheld lights. Evening 2 looks at events, searching through changing light conditions and the handgun/weapon-mounted lights. The third evening covers long guns with handheld and weapon-mounted lights. There are evaluated judgmental shooting exercises and a written test.

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Topics Covered

This course addresses low light issues for law enforcement and how agency instructors can train for them. Starting with human factors and legal considerations. Evening #1 focuses on handguns & handheld light before concluding with judgmental drills and practical application. Evening 2 covers working through changing light conditions and then addresses handgun with weapon mounted lights. The third evening starts with practical application before shifting to patrol rifles with both handheld and weapon mounted lights.
After completing the course, the student will be able implement an agency training program that addresses the full spectrum of low light issues.

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Instructor Coach Training Courses, Instructor Training Courses, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Sworn, L/E credentials

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Equipment: Note-taking material and a thumb drive, eye and ear protection; duty pistol with gun belt/appropriate holster and mag pouches, handheld and weapon-mounted lights; spare batteries; ood and fluids; clothing appropriate to the environment.
Ammunition: 350 rounds of handgun and 250 rounds of carbine ammunition (contact me if you’re going to use a shotgun); f

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