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Reactive Shotgun

Basic - Working the defensive shotgun when the problem has come to you

Duration: 8 hours



Erick Gelhaus

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This 8-hour class is based on essential shotgun skills and employing it within the confines of home and business defense encounters. After addressing the shotgun, the course covers ammunition performance selection, manipulating your ammunition and the shotgun's controls, engaging both single and multiple threats, and movement to and using cover within a structure within the realistic distances for home and business owners.
It pairs nicely with Low Light Application-Shotgun for a second day.)

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Topics Covered

See course description

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Expectations and Outcomes

When we are done, the student will have been given the skills to employ their shotgun defensively within a business or residential environment.

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Basic, Intermediate, Shotgun

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Functional 12 or 20ga shotgun, preferably with a 14"-20" barrel;
Eye & ear protection;
Shell holder;
Weather-appropriate clothing;
Ammunition - 10 rounds of 00B and another 100 rounds (can be 00B or Birdshot, no steel shot!)

Optional - sling and weapon-mounted light