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Pro-Active Shotgun

Intermediate - West Coast Shotgun meets police work

Duration: 8



Erick Gelhaus

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After reviewing nomenclature and relevant modifications, this law enforcement-centric class focuses on using the shotgun within practical and Constitutional confines. The curriculum covers manipulating the weapon, loading & unloading, single and multiple threat engagements, use of cover, close-range engagements, single projectile considerations, working around vehicles, as well as understanding and accepting the platform's limitations when seeking out those believed to be earned and violent.
This pairs well with Low Light Applications for a solid combination.

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Topics Covered

See course description

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completing this course, the student will have the skills to employ the shotgun when dealing with those suspects believed to be armed & violent if found on foot, in a structure, or around a vehicle.

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Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Shotgun

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Documentation Requirements

Sworn L/E identification

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14" to 21" shotgun w/sling, viable sights, weapon mounted light;
support equipment, including a handgun & magazines, extra ammunition carriers;
eye & ear protection;
Soft armor if required;
Weather-appropriate clothing;

Optional - knee pads,