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Women's Only Basic Pistol & CCW Class
Taught by women, for women
Basic, CCW, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses Basic
No Upcoming Classes
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Women's Only CCW Class
Taught by women, for women
Basic, CCW, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses Basic
No Upcoming Classes
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Women's Only CCW Class
Taught by women, for women
Basic, CCW, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses Basic target icon

About AimPower, LLC

In my pre-retirement, I taught adults how to use a computer. Those were the days when everything was new and constantly changing. Today I do almost the same thing – only instead of computers I help you learn more about your firearm! I am sold on the USCCA (United States Carry Concealed Association)! The courses I teach are much more complete in that you will not only learn how to shoot a firearm; you will learn all the things around having to shoot in self defense.

The bread-and-butter class is the Florida CCW class. This is not a “Groupon special”, it is a 4-5 hour class plus range time where you will learn much more than the state requires! No one, who has ever taken our class, has regretted taking a single minute of it – it is packed with valuable information to make you safe and responsible! The CCW class is not enough to make you a sharpshooter – but I can design a plan and help you achieve any proficiency you desire!

I also do church security advising to help churches make plans for Countering the Mass Shooter Threat. There is a also class by that name that I teach to church congregants. Many times I will teach this at no charge in an effort to sign up students for CCW classes. This is valuable for any church and any church security team to have the church members thinking smartly.

As a Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Instructor as well as a Well-Armed Woman Instructor I can help women overcome fears and trepidations with classroom and range education. Plan on this class taking 4-5 hours plus range time. I am also a self-professed, women’s holster expert… let’s talk.

If you are looking for a way to inform and educate a group in your community or church, consider a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar. This class is not a gun class! This is a situational awareness and safety seminar for every age of man and woman. Ask me for more information.

I would like to help you learn everything you would like to know about carrying a firearm. No two people carry for the same reasons, sometimes the best thing I can do is listen to help you achieve your goals. Call me to work with you. I would love to put a class together with you or for a group of your friends and colleagues too! Often times I can teach in your living room or in mine. Call me… let’s talk. I want to help you enjoy your firearm experience and help you SAFELY go forth as a responsible gun owner and protector of yourself and family.

Cindy Semenik

See also my husband, Bill Hall, USCCA Instructor and Training Counselor; we are also Range Safety officers and he can teach you how to be also!

PS I'm also a Chaplain so I am multi-faceted  :)

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, NRA Courses, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses, Other

Class Instructors

Jennifer Dudd

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NRA Basic Pistol Certified Instructor
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim (r) Certified Instructor
NRA Personal Protection in the Home Certified Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
TWAW Certified Instructor
USCCA Certified Instructor
USCCA Women's Handgun and Self-Defense Certified Instructor
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We are very sorry if you cannot take this class! Of course we will refund your monies, but we will have to keep $10 of the fee for the charges we incurred for this registration process.

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As soon as we have another class ready for you to take we will contact you and hopefully you can attend that class.

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If you cancel before the class we will refund all but the processing fees we have incurred of $10. This is the only time we refund monies for classes you have signed up for. waiver icon video icon