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DEFENSABILITY LEVEL 3 - Intermediate course

Basic - Intermediate shooters can develop skills in Real World scenario based shooting

Duration: 4 hours



Sean Grigsba

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THIS IS 1 COURSE FOR $99 + RANGE FEE.  Range Fees must be selected as an "add-on" at bottom of page.

It is important to us that you feel confident and competent in your shooting abilities.

This course is designed to be an Intermediate pistol course to develop your skills by using real world scenario based training.  Your choices are as follows: Victim, Witness or Active Participant.  What does that look like and how do you deteremine which of those choices are the one for you.  We will cover it and more.  We will cover Emergency Life Saving techniques as well as family plans.  

We go beyond the basic required material and cover other topics such as how and where to carry your concealed firearm, holster options; selecting the right handgun, caliber selection and more.


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Topics Covered

  • Firearm safety
  • Safe handling of firearms
  • loading and unloading
  • firearm shooting fundamentals
  • What next? Future Courses?

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Expectations and Outcomes

We expect each student to participate in the safe handling and application of skills learned from the course. 
Students should finish course with confidence to handle a pistol.

Have fun.  Be safe.  Be responsible!

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Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please give a brief description of your shooting experience. 
Description of your firearm (make, model and caliber)

When we are all done, you must have the following eligibility requirements for your OK CCW application if you choose to attain one:
Be a resident of Oklahoma.
Be at least 21 years of age (Note: you may take the course at age 18. You have three years after completion to make your application for the permit).
Meet background requirements as set forth by Oklahoma law.
Complete an approved safety training course, such as this one, offered by a certified instructor.
Submit your application packet along with proper fees to your local county sheriff.

it your application packet along with proper fees to your local county sheriff.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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You must provide some documentation that you have been through a basic firearms course to attend Level 3 and up.  Without this documentation we can not allow you to participate.  Sorry for the inconvenience but safe shooting and safe pistol handling is a must for this class. 

Equipment Requirements

Pistol with at least 100 rnds of ammo for that pistol
You must bring the holster system you intend to carry your firearm in as well as the belt system you will be using.  

Leave your unloaded pistol with action or cylinder open in your vehicle for safety. We will head to the range only after the classroom portion is completed. An instructor will inspect your firearm and ammunition before you or your firearm will be permitted on the range. No exceptions.  A firearm found to be unsafe will not be allowed on the range.  Other options can be explored at that time.

Range Fees must be selected as an "add-on" at bottom of page or your registration can not be processed.


General requirements

Great attitude

Valid Oklahoma ID.

Hat with a bill to protect from sun and debris
Safety glasses or prescription eyewear if needed
hearing protection (muff style or foamies style)
Closed toe shoes. 

Avoid shirts that are low cut.  Hot brass will find its way down the neck

Lawn chair for breaks. (it is a


Pen and note pad

Extra magazines if you have any


Be on time
Defensability may remove anyone from the class at any time.
Maximum caliber allowed is .45. Minimum caliber is .22.