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Concealed Carry Concepts

Basic - Working from Concealment

Duration: 5-6 hrs



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now June 10 Saturday
Hamilton, OH
4 - 16 Students 0845-1400 Chuck Wagoner Space Available target icon


This class is a must have, we will focus all activities from concealment. If you are carrying a concealed weapon or new to Concealed Carry this is for you. We will start with basic handgun manipulation and progress to shooting on the move from a EDC perspective. Our shooting drills will be scenarios based on EDC use.
Note: This is not a CCW certification course.

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Topics Covered

-Choosing your EDC handgun and holster.
-Handun manipulation.
-Drawing your EDC from concealment.
-Situational awareness for the Concealed Carrier.
-Scenario based drills for the concealed carrier.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Certificate based class awarded upon completion.

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Basic, CCW, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

-you must be 21 years old to participate, id required.

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-EDC handgun with at leat 2 magazines.
-EDC holster (IWB, AIWB or OWB)
-200 rds. ammunition for your EDC.
-Eye and Hearing protection.
-Fluids for hydration.
-Snack or lunch.