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CCW / Concealed Pistol License Course

Obtian your Michigan Certificate to obtain your CPL

Duration: 8.5



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now June 22 Saturday
Wyoming, MI
1 - 20 Students 8:00am till 5:30 pm Ericka Crosby Space Available
Register Now June 30 Sunday
Wyoming, MI
1 - 20 Students 8:00am till 5:30 pm Ericka Crosby Space Available target icon


The Concealed Pistol License instruction will provide participants with what they will need to be able to obtain a Michigan CCW, CPL or Concealed Pistol License. Most classes will be offered on a Saturday or Sunday.

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Topics Covered

Making you and your home a safer place.
Concealed pistol carry in public.
Defensive Marksmanship vs. Target Shooting.
Firearms Laws for the State of Michigan to include use of Deadly Force and legal actions that pertain to you.
Personal and Situational Awareness including 4 levels of awareness.
Developing a survivor mentality and mindset.
Avoiding and Handling a violent encounter.
Explain and handling malfunctions that can occur.
Using Cover and Concealment.
Different types of Concealed Carry options.
Identify cartridge designs for practice and personal defense.
Continuing your training to include range and dry fire practices.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Obtain Certificate for Completion of Class

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Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Drivers Licesne or State ID

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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No Magnums allowed. Revolvers must be doulble action. Hearing and Eye Protection. 100 rounds of ammunition.

If you dont have a firearm we have rentals with ammunition for $20.00