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Level 1 Introduction to Handgun

Basic - An opportunity for a novice to become more comfortable around firearms and learn their basic functionality.

Duration: 3 hours



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In Level 1, we cover safety and safe handling of handguns in detail.  We only fire a few live-fire shots.  This is the perfect class for people who are seeking to increase their comfort level with firearms and even the phobic student.  We've seen it all and our record is very good.  

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Topics Covered

The four universal rules of gun safety and how to apply them.  Safe storage of firearms.  

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Firearm and a box of ammunition (you can rent one for $10 at Red Rock Firearms), hearing protection, eye protection, a ball cap with a bill and a tight-collared shirt to keep spent brass from going down your front.  You can also buy or rent eye protection and ear protection at the range.