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Women's Defensive Pistol

Advanced - USCCA Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals Mini Course Lesson #3

Duration: 1.5 hours classroom, 2 hours range time



Daniel Buzminsky

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Curriculum Summary:

In the final module of the series, Danny introduces the student to a number of advanced topics, skills, and drills. Topics include a detailed explanation of what students should know to avoid, escape, and defend against an attacker and even what they should know about their obligations under the law regarding the legal right to use force. Danny then explains and demonstrates several methods of drawing a firearm, including from a holster or a handbag. Three different types of reload methods are demonstrated, and the student is introduced to what they should expect and what they should know when visiting a live fire range for the first time, including a number of important range commands. This lesson is also concluded with several on- and off-the-range drills, including learning how to use cover and concealment and even how to shoot on the move.


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Topics Covered

Course Outline:

  1. Mindset
  2. Avoid, Escape, Defend
  3. Use of Force
  4. Cover vs. Concealment
  5. Voice Commands
  6. Marksmanship vs. Defensive Shooting
  7. Drawing From the Holster
  8. Loading and Reloading
  9. Practice With Purpose
  10. Putting It Into Practice (Live Fire for Basic, Intermediate, and Defensive Pistol)

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Advanced, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses

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Course Prerequisites:

  1. Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals: Basic Pistol
  2. Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals: Intermediate Pistol