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Basic Firearm Safety Class

Basic - Your first step to responsible gun ownership.

Duration: 4 hours



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This class teaches students Basic Firearm Safety. Every American should take this class, to cut down negligent discharge and accidental shootings, and promote responsible gun ownership. This 4 hour class may be the most important class that a gun owner can take. This class is available to all ages. If you have children in the house with your firearms, they need to know the safety aspect as well. There are NO REFUNDS. Students who register, and can't make the class will be given a rain check as long as they give a 48 hour notice. Any cancellations within the 48 hours, and any no shows will not be given a rain check, and will have to register and pay for another class.

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Topics Covered

How to safely do the following: 
- Handle firearms 
- Store firearms 
- Transport/Move firearms 
- Clean firearms 
- Check if a firearm is clear and safe
- How to properly present a firearm 
- Firearm function for all types of firearms 
- How to load and unload all types of firearms 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to properly and safely handle a firearm. Students with children who attend will also gain the peace of mind that their children also have the same knowledge. 

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, CCW, In Home Defense Training, Long Range Precision, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Shotgun

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Documentation Requirements

There are no documentation needed for this class. 

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There are no requirements to take this class.