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Level 2 Defensive Handgun Class


Duration: 4 hours



DoubleTap Instructor

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now June 22 Saturday
Altoona, PA
1 - 18 Students 8 am to 12 noon Paul Jendrzejewski Space Available
Register Now September 14 Saturday
Altoona, PA
4 - 18 Students 8 am to 12 noon Paul Jendrzejewski Space Available target icon


Level 2 Defensive Handgun Class builds on the fundamentals of shooting presented in Level 1. Class includes drawing from a holster, shooting one-handed, shooting off-handed and shooting from a kneeling position. Students must have completed a basic handgun class.

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Topics Covered

  • Universal safety rules (review)
  • Fundamentals of shooting: grip, stance, sights, trigger control, etc. (review)
  • Dry practice magazine loading and dry-fire practice (review)
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Two-handed shooting drills/double tap
  • Balancing speed and accuracy for the human target
  • One-handed shooting 
  • Emergency (slide lock) reloading
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Shooting from kneeling/reloading from kneeling
  • Retention shooting and CQB
  • Level 1 jam clearing
  • Using a firearm for self-defense
  • Use of Force discussion including Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground 
  • Storage and children/gun safes
  • Concealed-carry issues such as permits and holsters

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Expectations and Outcomes

After this course, you should be more comfortable and confident with your handgun. You will have shot in a variety of situations drawing from a holster and will have a better understanding of your personal skill level and concealed-carry concepts and practical use.

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

  • 21 years of age or older with photo identification
  • Completion of Double Tap Range and Training range waiver.
  • Persons ineligible to possess a firearm are prohibited from this class.

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  • Successful completion of the Level 1 Basic Pistol Class or NRA First Steps is a prerequisite.
  • Students should bring a modern working firearm, 2 magazines, 100 rounds of factory new ammunition, and a waist holster (belt or appendix.) Double Tap Range handguns are available to rent.
  • a 20-round magazine or multiple magazines that equal 20 rounds.  
  • Eye and ear protection is required.
  • Please wear range-appropriate clothing/footwear.