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Manipulation | Marksmanship: 4 Hour Clinic


Duration: 4 Hours



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This 4 hour clinic is a learning intensive tune up on Manipulation & Marksmanship fundamentals. Built around conceal carry principles, shooter students will have the opportunity to greatly increase accuracy standards without sacrificing performance. We will run a number of exercises that will challenge your current skill set w/ both linear and lateral movement techniques. We talk about the principles of Cover/Concealment and how to be effective at utilizing them in relation to the threat environment.

Shooter Students should show up already having solid safety & manipulation habits. Because this is a shooting/accuracy course, we spend little time talking about reloads & malfunctions … Know how to do them !

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Topics Covered

- Employment at Distance
- Sight Package
- Professional Accuracy Standards
- Linear & Lateral Movement
- Principles of Cover & Concealment

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Expectations and Outcomes

Shooter Students will see an increase in both accuracy and manipulation with the topics talked about.

Students will receive a certificate of completion for their record of training.

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Documentation Requirements

Be sure to download the Registration form & submit it along with any supporting documentation to ensure no delays in the enrollment process

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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- Semi Auto Pistol with 3 Magazines & Magazine Holders
- 250 Rounds of Ammo
- Wear clothes for conceal carry
- Ear & Eye Pro
- No cross draw holsters