Tactical Pistol

Intermediate - Building the skills needed for a self-defense situation.

Duration: 5 Hours



Juan Maldonado

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The Tactical Pistol course is an intermediate pistol-shooting course that builds on the introduction to tactical & defensive pistol shooting. Students will learn tactical shooting techniques that would most likely be required in an actual self-defense or active shooter scenario. The Student will maintain shooting fundamentals & principals while being challenged with several shooting drills under stress while conducting movement techniques.  

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Topics Covered

  • Review of Safe Handling of Firearm
  • Shooting Fundamentals review
  • 4-Point holster draw
  • Tactical Shooting vs. Competition Shooting
  • Trigger Control
  • Trigger reset drills
  • Follow-through
  • Sighted and Unsighted shooting techniques
  • Shooting positions- Standing, Kneeling.
  • Magazine Changes (Semi-Auto Pistols)
  • Clear stoppages, & Malfunction Drills
  • Reloading Drills & Failure drills
  • Use of Concealment & Cover
  • Movement techniques

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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  • 2-preferably 3 Magazines or more
  • 300 Factory Rounds-No Reloads
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Kydex Holster
  • Ballistic eye-protection
  • Hearing Protection-Electronic-Active Hearing highly recommended

*Appropriate clothing required-Train as you fight (ensure to have proper clothing, climate-dependent) We train rain or shine. Poncho recommended in case it rains.

NOTE: This is a Pistol Course, we will stress you both mentally and physically to build real-life survival skills. Please make certain to get your doctor's authorization for physical activity.

*Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimal skills required for the specific class may be removed from training. Please make sure you have read the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.

Upon sign up, you are making a commitment to train on your course dates. Tuition is FINAL. We do not offer refunds or transfers to students who cancel or fail to show up for class. We will refund or credit only in the highly unlikely event Elite Combatives finds it necessary to cancel a course. This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.