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Tactical De-Escalation Training

Duration: 2 hours



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This course focuses on a real-world approach to communicating tactfully, which will reduce liability, promote a professional image, build a rapport, and even save lives. This training is a hands-on scenario-based course that gets you as the individual involved in classroom participation that will provide results. This is a necessity for any law enforcement agency, security agency, and or public safety team looking to expand on the ever-changing expectations of communication, and the strategies received will provide you with an effective blueprint to solve potentially unreceptive situations before they erupt.

These are techniques every person should have as a resource in the field of public safety. The instructor teaching this course offers real-world experience based on what we in law enforcement deal with on a daily basis. He will demonstrate ways to avoid being in a conflict by using persuasion instead of physical force. You will be surprised by the knowledge you will gain after attending this course and be able to translate that knowledge to your team or individual self, which will only help you have a long and prosperous career. 

Class content:
Promoting a professional image
Building a rapport
Reducing department liability
Effecting behavior of others
Understanding tactical communication
Group scenarios
Communication strategies

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Scenario Based Training, Security Training & Certification, Seminars / Lectures