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D.I.R.E. (Disaster Insurgency Recovery Exercises)

Basic - Being Prepared For Whatever Might Come

Duration: 8 hours



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This training opportunity encapsulates the F.A.S.T. (fighting and survival tactics) Experience! Scenario based training to educate, enlighten and prepare the participant for a catastrophic event that might involve extended relocation in a semi to non-permissive environment with armed hostiles and limited to no infrastructure to contend with. There are three presentations contained in this series of courses that cover everything from early preparations to live-fire maneuvers based on actual and projected events with debriefings from Major Hurricane recovery efforts over the last 30 years that we've been involved with including the recent storms Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico as well as overseas deployments to combat environments including Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Topics Covered

~Bug-In/Out Planning (Security / Location / Layout / Set up)
~Equipment Selection (Food / Water / Shelter / Sustainment / Weapons)
~Tactical Applications (Individual / Group / Armed / Unarmed)
~Movement (Mounted / Dismounted / Navigation / Orienteering)
~Technical Aspects (Mind / Body / Spirit / Hardware / Software)
~Environmental Considerations (Urban / Rural / Austere)

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Shotgun

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~Handgun and/or long gun (rifle or shotgun)  plus 300 rounds of ammunitions
~Primary side holster for handgun (no crossdraw or chest rigs)
~At least two extra magazines or speedloaders
~Appropriate carriers/pouches for magazines and/or speedloaders
~Hydration container
~Something to cook with and something to make fire with
~Inclement weather gear