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Tactical Pistol Application "Civilian"

Intermediate - "Go beyond your CCW training"

Duration: 7 hours range time



Jeremy Liggett

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Tactical Pistol Application “Civilian”: Our instructors have combined their years of professional training to deliver this comprehensive course. You will learn threat focused and precision shooting for a balanced approach to tactical handgun training. This class is designed to focus on in-depth coverage of principles of a gun fight and more time with the instructor. We will push your mind and stress your body to expose your personal capabilities and limitations; be ready to improve your proficiency and understanding realities of how to prevail in a fight.

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Topics Covered

Topics covered include Grip, Stance, Ready Positions Realities of a Fight, Threat Focused Shooting, Precision Shooting, Emergency Reloads, Tactical Reloads, Movement, Presentation from The Holster, Multiple Targets, Malfunction Drills and Speed vs. Accuracy.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Certificate will be issued 

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- Eye and Ear Protection (electronic hearing protection is strongly recommended)
- Serviceable duty grade handgun of at least 9mm Para caliber
- Minimum of 5 serviceable pistol magazines
- 300rds of ammunition
- Serviceable holster- - Please note: ***No Serpa or Serpa style holsters unless it’s issued to you by your agency/unit**** OWB or IWB ok. Appendix Carry subject to Instructor approval at the range.
- Pouch(es) that provide the ability to properly carry a minimum of two spare magazines
- Suitable range wear depending on the season 
- Good attitude