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OK-SDA Concealed Carry License Course

Intermediate - This class is for those who intend to carry a concealed defensive handgun legally and lawfully

Duration: 4 hours Classroom, 1 hour lunch and 3 hours of range time



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Prepare new and existing gun owners to intentionally carry a concealed firearm with clarity and confidence. It is intended for all individuals regardless of shooting experience if only to stay current with the laws. The range safety component to the class is designed to give prospective gun owners the opportunity to experience safe firearm handling in a shooting range environment.

During the course, you will be provided with instruction on handling, grip, stance, breathing, trigger, sight alignment, and much more. You will definitely be prepared with an idea of what to expect in your range experience

Simulator-Shooting for sharp your skills before we go to the Live-Shooting.

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Topics Covered

Topics to be covered:

  • Handgun safety and storage
  • Safety concerns and practices
  • Handgun selection for carrying concealed
  • Ammunition
  • Selecting concealed carry equipment
  • Transportation of firearms
  • CCW holder responsibilities
  • SDA Oklahoma State and Federal CCW laws
  • Legal use of deadly force - legal and moral implications

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Intermediate, CCW, Virtual Simulation

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Documentation Requirements

Please email the following information to Rey Torres at

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • What is your level of shooting experience?
  • Will you need to rent a gun from us for this class?
  • How you heard about us?

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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Mandatory Equipment Necessary for Class:

1) Handgun with minimum two (2) magazines (.45 caliber or smaller)


3) Baseball style hat with a brim or bill

5) 50 rounds of factory ammunition (NO RELOADS-COMMERCIAL OR OTHERWISE)

6) SDA Law Book (Download from O.S.B.I. website)


Additional Recommended Equipment:

1) Container for carrying equipment and ammunition

2) Pen or pencil

3) Notebook paper