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Overview of the Saferoom using (BallistiCrete)

Safe rooms for home or business

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A brief discription of the product we use for our safe rooms.


GigaCrete Inc, a leader in green building material technologies, has developed a unique plaster-type finish to go over walls to bulletproof our homes, schools or offices; create safe rooms and bullet resistant walls for schools, banks, court houses or any other building where ballistic protection may be needed. The product gives a ceramic hard finish that is truly bulletproof; it is called BallistiCrete and has been featured on NBC news with very dramatic live fire. BallistiCrete is the world's first plaster that offers bullet resistance even beyond the AK47, 7.62 rounds. In fact, it has stopped military grade armor piercing .308 and even Desert Eagle .50 caliber without even a crack on the inside of the house wall. The walls shown on NBC News were made from 2x4 wood studs with OSB and stucco on the exterior walls and gypsum-board on the interiors that were coated with BallistiCrete. Uncoated, the wall let even small arms fire straight through with lethal force but coated with BallistiCrete the walls stopped everything shot at it, more than 60 bullets total, shot from an Uzi machine gun, AK47, 357 magnum and 50 caliber Desert Eagle.

BallistiCrete boasts around 9,000 psi in compressive strength, has been tested by a certified laboratory to withstand NIJ Level III and Level IV over different substrates, is considered a fire barrier, will not support mold or mildew even after being submerged in water and produces zero VOC’s

Applications range from new construction to remodel. BallistiCrete adds strength to any substrate it is applied over and provides excellent ballistic and fire protection against multilevel threats.

Product Highlight

   1. Ballistic protection from handgun to rifle including AP and tungsten rounds

   2. Will not burn or produce smoke when exposed to fire

   3. Will not support mold or mildew

   4. Green sustainable with no toxic ingredients.

   5. Meets California Green Guard guidelines for air quality management

   6. Can be applied to most surfaces

   7. Can be painted to match existing finishes

   8. Excellent for forced protection as well as ballistic protection
   9. Build and indoor shooting range in your home/basement


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