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Basic Firearms

Basic - Introduction to Firearms Course (not a shooting course)

Duration: 2 Hrs.



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No firearms experience, Class will be taught with Laser and Airsoft equipment . The class is recommended for people who are interested in learning shooting or thinking about purchasing a firearm. The class begins with the language of different types of pistols and ammunition. Safe firearm handling is introduced and stressed from the beginning of the class. After handgun familiarization the class reinforces fundamental firearm safety and the fundamentals of good marksmanship. 

Laser Training


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Topics Covered

Types of firems 
Types of Ammo
Concelments Garments 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student should Know all safety rules and be able to discuss them when requested, know the different firesarm types and the different parts of a firearm. How to load and unload without any issues. Student should know how to clean a firearm.

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Basic, NRA Courses

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no requirments this course is taught with a Laser trainin Pistol and Airsoft pistols.