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Vehicle Tactics

Advanced - Fighting in and Around a Vehicle

Duration: 1 day



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This course designed to teach student the techniques and tactics that give them the edge in a lethal force encounter while in or around their vehicle. From what is cover vs. concealment to tactical movement - this class will cover it. This class will cover working from inside the vehicle and then transitioning outside as well. We will use both the handgun and the rifle in our class.

Learning about and using the cover and concealment that your vehicle offers.
Learning to rapidly exit your vehicle and deliver an effective rate of fire. – Learning to deliver an effective rate of fire from within your vehicle.
Shooting through windshields, understanding deflection through live fire.
Live fire exercises to explore various responses to potential and/or actual assaults.

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Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.