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Defensive Carry Fundamentals (Mt. Airy)

MD Wear and Carry Permit

Duration: 14 Hours class room, 2 hours range time



Dave Ritchie

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Defensive Carry Fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense.

In this course we will explore "The Mindset" and "The Skill Set" needed to prepare the student to legally carry a firearm in public.

Individuals looking to submit their initial application for the MD Wear and Carry Permit, will need to take both days (MD requires least 16 hours of training for initial application), and an individual looking to renew their already possessed Warry and Carry Permit (MD requires at least 8 hours training for renewal applications) can take either single day.

2 day - $425.00 Includes Range fees and Textbook
1 day - $225.00

Please contact Dave Ritchie @ to discuss a single day registration.

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Topics Covered

Day 1: Fundamentals of Concealed Carry “The Mindset” (8 Hrs)

Topics include:
Why you want to carry a firearm/ Know Yourself
The lifestyle changes in carrying a firearm
Defining a personal protection plan.
Situational Awareness and Action
Indications of Conflict
Managing Conflict
MD Law
Legal Use of Force
Violent encounters and their Aftermath
Trauma Care

Day 2: Basics of Defensive Pistol “The Skill Set” (8 Hrs)

Topics include:
Universal Safety Principles
Understanding the different handgun types, their mechanism and operations
Ammunition caliber and components
Defensive Shooting vs Marksmanship
Understanding the body’s natural reactions
Skill Development cycle
Volume of Fire
Intuitive Shooting
Lateral Movement
Balance of Speed and Accuracy
Critical Incident Reloads
Multiple Target Engagement
One hand and Weak Hand Shooting
Wear & Carry Qualification Shooting

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Expectations and Outcomes

USCCA certificate is awarded upon the complete of this course.

This course satisfies all the requirements as issued by the Maryland State Police for the MD Wear and Carry Permit application, FreeState Firearms Training does not guarantee that the applicant will receive the Wear and Carry Permit.


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Concealed Carry Training, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

no prerequisites

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Day 1 Student will need:
Something to take notes with, can be a laptop, tablet or paper and pen.

Day 2 students will need to bring:
Same as day one, but also bring
A Reliable Handgun
At least 50 rounds of ammo
at least 2 Magazines
a Sturdy Belt
Closed toe shoes
Eye and ear protection