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Every Day Carry Techniques – HALF DAY CLASS

Intermediate - The Every Day Carry (Come as You Carry) Course is for you if you have completed an intro or beginner course AND are proficient with your draw from the holster.

Duration: Course Duration: 3 hours - on the Range - TIME: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now March 9 Saturday
Fleming, GA
2 - 12 Students 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Gary Glemboski Space Available target icon


The Every Day Carry Techniques Course is for you if you have completed an intro or beginner course AND are proficient with your draw from the holster, AND you are ready to move forward with how to draw from alternative positions with a holster, such as appendix, ankle, belly band, thigh, ankle. This will give you a safe, supervised opportunity to become more familiar with your equipment, and to experiment with different carry methods. Our Every Day Carry and Draw Course focuses on gaining familiarity with different types of equipment and efficiency in getting first round hits on your target from challenging alternative carry positions. This course will elevate the understanding of firearm manipulation from various holsters, incorporating combat accuracy and personal protection from a defensive standpoint.  This program is the next critical step in developing skills with a handgun when carrying concealed. Draw from these positions will be broken down into each step of the five-step draw, then practiced until the draw becomes safe and seamless from whatever carry position you use.

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Topics Covered

This three-hour course is essential for anyone continuing on to more advanced handgun classes.
The course will focus on safety and will review the safe way to:
Load, unload and secure your firearm
Range safety
Range etiquette
Firearm safety
Holster selection
Shooting fundamentals
Ready position

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Expectations and Outcomes

Test your gear, learn new skills, and learn the next level of drawing a gun from a holster. This Every Day Carry course is highly recommended prior to Intermediate or Advanced Concealed Carry and our other higher level handgun classes. This will get you close inspection from our instructors, and you will learn what equipment works best for you. You’ll also get to see what gear your instructors and classmates use!

Various carry positions will be discussed and practiced until the draw becomes safe and seamless. Safety, accuracy and defensive skills are emphasized as well.

Certificates will be awarded at class completion.


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Advanced, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Congratulations on your successful registration for the upcoming class with GTAC. Be sure to confirm your date, time, and location. Directions to 17 South Rod and Gun Club are available online. Once you have entered the gate, follow the road past the clubhouse, past the skeet range, and you will see the 500 yard range. The GTAC gate is to the left of the 500 yard range. You will see our logo on the fence. Please park outside the fenced area. You are welcome to use the restrooms in the clubhouse, at the skeet range, or near the tactical bays. We look forward to a fast paced, safe, and challenging class with you.

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Prerequisite Class: Fundamental Handgun, Holster Draw, or similar course

Mandatory Equipment:

Full size functional handgun and serviceable holster (May be strong side hip holster, IWB/OWB both are fine - shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, belly-band holsters, appendix carry holsters are all fine). Let’s be reasonable and let’s be safe though. Feel free to call Gary to discuss, but we want you to come as you intend to carry!   

2-3 magazines and magazine holders and belt.

150-200 rounds of ammunition

Eye and ear protection

Hat with brim (baseball hat)

(NOTE: If there are any questions regarding your equipment, please contact Gary at 912-667-5667 for clarification.)

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