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Tac Med Trauma Level II

Intermediate - This course covers real world, life-saving scenario-based training.

Duration: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - On the Range



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The need for a higher level of training than just CPR/First Aid training is critical. The training in this course can be used for the usual bumps and bruises to gunshot trauma. In the recent past, there have been many instances of 'active shooters' and many who have died but could have been saved if they had only received emergency care sooner. Practical shooting scenarios and lifelike medical scenarios highlight this 1-day course.

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Topics Covered

This class utilizes skills learned in Stop the Bleed and has the students work in realistic scenarios on the range. There will be live fire drills with the emphasis placed on utilizing these skills in real time.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The training in this course can be used for the usual bumps and bruises to gunshot trauma.

Certificates will be awarded at class completion.

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Advanced, Intermediate, F.A.S.T. (First Aid for Severe Trauma), Medical Other, Scenario Based Training, Stop the Bleed, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC)

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Documentation Requirements

Congratulations on your successful registration for the upcoming class with GTAC. Be sure to confirm your date, time, and location. Directions to 17 South Rod and Gun Club are included with this email. Once you have entered the gate, follow the road past the clubhouse, past the skeet range, and you will see the 500 yard range. The GTAC gate is to the left of the 500 yard range. You will see our logo on the fence. Please park outside the fenced area. You are welcome to use the restrooms in the clubhouse, at the skeet range, or near the tactical bays. We look forward to a fast paced, safe, and challenging class with you.  

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TacMed or equivalent training/experience is recommended (not required) for attendance in this class. 

Be sure to dress comfortably, as you will be sitting and standing on the ground. Also please bring a good attitude, and the desire to learn about saving lives. 

Be sure to bring yourself a snack, lunch and a drink. A few reminders for class: 

Be aware of outdoor temperatures and prepare accordingly.

Be sure to bring the following:*

- Full size functional handgun (Please make sure your handgun and holster are functional)!

- Serviceable holster, at least 2 magazines, magazine holders and belt, and 50 - 100 rounds of pistol ammo

- Eye and ear protection

- Your personal IFAK kit if you have one - if not, we will loan you one! 

- Hat with brim (baseball hat)

- Notebook/pen if you take notes

- Sunscreen and bug spray

- Lunch, snack, and plenty of water

- Any personal comfort items you may need (bandaids, etc.)

 If you have any questions or if you get lost, call the number below.

 * (NOTE: For any questions regarding equipment, call me at 912-667-5667 for clarification.)