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Legal Use of Force Laws (NY)

Article 35

Duration: 2 hours Classroom



Joseph Edwards

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This course will explain the NY Penal Law Section 35 in simple to understand explanation. For those who decide to defend themselves either with or without a firearm, whether inside the home or not, one should know NYS law as it pertains to deadly physical force (DPF). And is a must for anyone who owns or could potentially use them for self-defense. New York State has very specific and potentially confusing laws with regards to the use of force & deadly force. A Certified Instructor under NYS Criminal Justice System will lead this course. With a combination of real life encounters you should come away with a better understanding of your rights, actions and what you should expect in the event of a incident.
To register contact: Joe Edwards (315) 359-1093
Location: Walworth Sportsman's Club 4247 Ontario Center Road Walworth NY 14568
Cost: $50.00 Cash or Check Mail to Ground Zero Firearms Training 155 McDermott Street Newark, NY 14513 Note: Social Distancing in effect, hand sanitizers will be in place, limited seating.

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