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Range Day

Basic - Skill Development Opportunity

Duration: 4 hours



Joseph Edwards

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For those who have completed their USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals (Classroom) Training. You will now have the opportunity to experience "Range Day." The variety of exercises will help you develop competence & consistency with the basics of Proper Grip, Trigger Control, Point Shooting. Unlike paper targets on the range, you will learn critical incidents are fast & up close. To quote Rod Pincus in his book Combat Shooting Focus: "Combat Focus Shooting is designed to work with what the body does naturally during a dynamic, critical incident in order to make our training - and our real-world response - more efficient".
Equipment: NYS Pistol Permit "REQUIRED", Firearm & 100 Rounds of Ammunition (Minimum) FMJ (Full Metal Jacket), Sturdy Belt & Strong Side Holster (No Uncle Mike's or Shoulder Holsters allow), Minimum: 2 Magazines (preferably 3), Baseball Cap, Eye & Hearing Protection (Electronic Suggested) required, Tactical Pants or Jeans "No Flip Flops or Open Toe Shoes Allowed on this Range. Hydration System Suggested (Water).
Cost: $150 per person Cash or Check by Friday January 22nd: 155 McDermott Street Newark, NY 14513 to reserve a place for this event. Instructors: Bob Fiorito/Joe Edwards. Any Questions or Concerns regarding ammunition supplies Contact: Joe Edwards (315) 359-1093.

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Basic, In Home Defense Training, Seminars / Lectures, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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